Painting courses

in oil and in water-colours for children and adults, art-therapy

in Naantali  and Turku ( Finland)

English, Russian, Swedish languages


 WELCOME to courses:

You will learn to paint the things you see,  your impressions and feeling about them.


Children's COURSE "To paint means learning to see":

The course aims to teach art techniques and develop a lively imagination. It helps to reach full inspiration and leave stereotyped visions behind.


COURSEs for adults "The key to inspiration in water colour”, "Urban sketch", "Color"

It is commonly known that a person beginning to paint in his mature age feels uneasiness and discomfort, and as a result we lower our own abilities. It is very rare that someone can become like a child – liberated and spontaneous to enjoy the very process of painting.  On our courses you will learn to improve YOUR CREATIVITY by setting it free. The skills you acquire  will  also  give you a different approaches to your everyday life.



The ancient people noticed a beneficial effect  of colours on people. Art-therapy was already used in ancient  Egypt, India and China. Talent for  feeling through colour is developed only in practice. The more we learn  to feel through colour, the more we notice our creativity develop